Dead Man Walking

I don’t know much about things, but I do know this. There are certain things in this world that are not allowed.

One of the things that is not allowed in the pen is an assault of a child. If you assault children and go to prison, you are a dead man walking.

I don’t understand the culture in prison, but I know people must survive and even in that world, there are rules. I suppose that in a world of inmates, things that happen to the inmates are not a concern to those on the outside.

I guess that people might think those that have been convicted deserve the cruel torture that is sure to await all those who are in the pen. I suppose that those in the free world have no compassion for those who commit criminal acts.

In the end, the torture that awaits men in prison for committing crimes that are unmentionable is that culture’s way of dealing with the “lesser” class. Is it any wonder there are prison gangs?

Have a nice day and remember to help those who are less fortunate than you. Peace.


2 Responses to “Dead Man Walking”

  1. Deborah Nun Says:

    “In the end, the torture that awaits men in prison for committing crimes that are unmentionable is that culture’s way of dealing with the “lesser” class. Is it any wonder there are prison gangs?”
    Is it also true then that the torture that awaits common persons in civil probate court’s special brand of judicial process is that culture’s way of deal with the “lesser class”?
    Those gangs do what they do but their victims do not see them coming, or know how malicious they really are, or how they torture and kill their hostages slowly over long stretches of time.
    One of my best friends from our childhood and until he died was murdered by two street gang/hood rats.(you can ‘google’ the crime or find it in the arcihives of the Houston Chronicle: Joel Congdon, 40, chronicle employee- photography dept.- was murdered May 14th, 1994.
    I never dreamed I would find out that those punks were not even close to how scary and brutal the civil probate court gangs are.
    There is nothing more sadistic than what I am still in the jaws of…
    It is my opinion by what I have read about prison gangs that most of those who end up in the penitentiaries were sexually abused, assaulted, or were abused, neglected, or exploited as children. Have you heard that poem, “Children Learn What They Live’ I certainly am not condoning criminals or gangs, but if you look at Charlie Manson, our ‘culture’ and society created him. Then society was horrified at what he did. Remember Columbine?
    I hope you will explain to me why it is allowed for the gangs of the law profession- who also are self- governed, and operate under their own special rules to be predators of the “lesser class”? Isthere an explanation you can give me for why they want to do what they do? More money???
    Do only the bloody and fast deaths done by those who often have reached a point that is not unlike a starving animal beaten into a corner?

    ” The world is a big place.6.76 billion people live here.
    It’s hard to imagine 6 billion anything. So let’s break it down:

    If the world’s population was 100, that means 64 people don’t own a cell phone.

    51 are Asian. 12 are African. 11 are European. 7 are Hispanic. 4 are American.

    19 are Muslim. 16 are Catholic. 13 Hindu. 8 Protestant. 6 Buddhist.
    More than 16 people don’t believe God exists.

    18 can’t read a book or sign their name.
    50 barely live above the international poverty line.
    32 don’t have access to essential medicines.
    19 lack basic sanitation.
    16 can’t get a clean glass of water.
    12 are starving.

    That’s if the world’s population was 100.
    It’s 6.76 billion.

    But each of us can make a difference.
    One life at a time.

    The 7 wealthiest people in the world have enough money
    to totally wipe out world hunger.”

    -Joyce Meyer Ministries

  2. Deborah Nun Says:

    I forgot to add this: My dad was a ‘special agent in charge’ for the southwest region of the US in his branch of federal law enforcement and his name was found on Charlie Manson’s “hit list” -a few of his agents had on the California ranch that the Manson “family” camped out at, and my dad, being who Charlie found out was the agents’ “boss” made the list.
    Oklahoma Federal Building was another place my dad had frequently been before the homegrown terrorists (one was Timothy McVey???) blew it up.
    No, I do not have any great love of criminals….But I think it is horrific and treason to allow convicted federal felons like Wyoming Attorney Wm Daniel Elsom, who as an attorney and CPA, (‘conspiracy to commit sales of unregistered securities’) to just keep “Practicing” in another State-Texas- while he was under indictment, then throughout his “sentence”(4months house arrest/no restitution of his share of the millions of dollars…).
    He used his license here as the leader of the Civil Probate Gang that is still working on killing me…He is a monster.
    Displinary Rules of Professional Conduct my ass! I would rather have to deal with Charles Manson, friend.

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