Trial’s Started

The jury is seated and today opening statements begin. It’s kinda wierd not having a client present to sit there at the table, but it’s okay. I don’t even think the jury knows my client isn’t present,, I feel they understand without him being present.

So today’s the day I tell his story and then begin the cross-examination of each of the government’s witnesses. I suppose that someone will want to know why the story I tell is so different that the story everyone else tells,, but that’s the beauty of trial.

Once you step into the shoes of your client and reverse roles with him or her, you can begin communicating with other human beings on an emotional level that is so much better than just words.

I always say, words lie,, emotions never do and I really feel that is true. It is my experience that those who experience the drama of your client are in a much better shape to understand your client than those who are set to judge them.

Why is it that jurors are thought of as judges of the facts,, rather than just friends who will listen to your client’s story?

I am certain that the results in any trial will be better when friends share their experiences than when a “talking head lawyer” just lectures about the law to those new friends.

I am at least getting some sleep during this trial,, maybe because the client isn’t here,, maybe not, but at least I’m somewhat rested. Anyway, it’ll get interesting as time goes on and I hope each of you have the opportunity to feel things in your life, rather than just explain them.

Have a nice day and remember to be nice to those who are less fortunate than you. Peace.


One Response to “Trial’s Started”

  1. martin seinfeld Says:

    thinking of you, glad she who must not be named didn’t get anything.

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