Sitting In Bryan

I’m sitting in Bryan waiting on a trial to begin in a small county in Central Texas. This case is interesting because I have no client and have never had that happen to me before.

My client will not come to court and I know why. Now it is up to me to convince the jury that the client’s story is one that is worth listening to and believing in.

I often say the most difficult case in the world to try is one where the client isn’t present and this one is no different. I will just have to do what I can to win the case, even if I have no client.

So there you have it,, me waiting in the wings without any client,, it’s gonna get interesting.

I suppose that most attorneys would give up,, I won’t. It is important for “lawyers” to take cases that can not be won because if we as “lawyers” don’t take those cases, the government, the insurance and the large corporations will just run over us until there are no good cases left.

We must stand at the front of all attacks to our freedoms and to the desecration of all of our rights,, else we will all become sheep. We will all begin to follow the leaders and sometimes they lead us off cliffs.

In the end, whatever happens will happen, but just for today,, I’m standing up for the rights of those who can’t or won’t.

Have a nice day and remember to help the less fortunate,, someday, you may wake up and be “them”.


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