Living In The Now

I guess my life is different from most. Somehow, I’m able to survive in a world that is different from other people’s world and actually enjoy it. What I mean is this, most people thrive only for money or power or both.

I find happiness is more important as I get older than power or a tremendous amount of money. Don’t get me wrong, money is nice but it sure as hell can make you miserable.

If you seek only money, you spend your entire life figuring out how to “best” the other people who come into your life and then your stay awake at nights trying to figure out how to keep those “other” folks from stealing it from you.

If you desire only power, then you spend your entire life worrying about getting thrown out of your power position or having to repay the debts to people or institutions who placed you in power in the first place.

I wonder what happens if you just live in the now,, the present. How is life different? Would it be so bad if you just stop and smell the roses?

Would it be so bad just to be present with someone else in your life’s journey just for that moment? Is it so bad to be alive experiencing only the moment?

I hear all those who say,, I must have money for the “future”,, what about the present? Have you sacrificed being present in the moment for a time in the future? What happens if the future never arrives? Then what?

Living in the now has brought feelings to my life, things that are real because I feel them myself. I am present,, that is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Abandon your beliefs about the future and live.

In the end, what will it matter,,, no one will ever know you if you live in the future or in the past,, everyone will if you live in the present.

Just think, at your funeral,, if everyone around is reading your life book,, will they say he or she was always working and saving for the future,, it is very unfortunate he or she never got to enjoy it having died of a heart attack before his or her time.

Will they say he or she was always concerned about the mistakes he or she made in the past, it’s a shame he or she never got to experience life?

Will they say, he or she was always present and enriched my life with his or her wonderful ability to make me feel special and for that, I’m a better person?

If it is power or money you want,, remember they come at a tremendous price,, if the choice is living today,, it comes free of charge and is the most precious gift of all.

I hope each of you live your dreams in your life and can really get what you want in life,, it sometimes just costs you everything valuable you have. Remember the homeless man or woman may be living in the present and free.

Have a nice day. Peace.


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