Big Money Lawyers

I am amazed that I am being asked to comment on a “big money lawyer” and the fees he charges. I recently read a story about an “attorney” who charged his client over $1,000,000.00 and that wasn’t enough.

Now understand the charge was for a criminal case the “super-lawyer” lost. Along the way, “super-lawyer” seems to have forgotten his ethics and damn near violated every cannon and creed of professional conduct known to man.

I am just perplexed at the monies involved, but I am also shocked at the breach of ethics by “super-lawyer”.

I guess the more money you as a lawyer charge,, the more you can steal and play by your own rules. Screw the client,, it’s all about money, the “super-lawyer” must be thinking.

I recently had a potential client get upset at me because I would not take less than my retainer,, which by the way is a drop in the bucket compared to what “super-lawyer” charges. I tell clients to go hire “super-lawyer” if you are upset with my fees.

Just for me today, I am unable to commit time to a project without getting paid for my time and I’m just not interested in cleaning up the client’s mess unless I’m paid. It’s a different story when client is helpless and being screwed by big government or big corporations than when client puts himself in the line of fire and then asks me to clean it up.

Anyway, back to the story,, “big money lawyer” flat screwed up,, plain and simple. There are at least 15 known ethical violations I see when I examine the documents and dealings with the attorney and the client.

I caution all those lawyers out there, but especially those who charge big, big, big money to be very careful and don’t forget your ethics,,,  you still owe a duty to the client, not your pocketbook.

By the way, the client got slammed in court and is not happy, the “big money lawyer” will be at very least the subject of a bar complaint and probably a multimillion dollar lawsuit.

In the end, it is the duty to the client that is important, not the duty to yourself. If you have a conflict disclose it immediately,,,, if you are a witness in a case for the client,,, get the fuck out immediately.

At the very least make damn sure your liability policy is paid up, cause you’re gonna need it.

Clients if you ever are faced with a lawyer who screws you,, hire a TLC graduate immediately.

Have a nice day and remember to share a sandwich with a homeless person,, they need it more than you. Peace.


One Response to “Big Money Lawyers”

  1. DKNun Says:

    That is so noble of you. Word salad AND sandwich TOO?
    You have no idea about what you think is so easy to do…….the common citizen is FUCKED in texas…try and do that in civil probate court cases where there is no charge for the crimes that lawyers commit against DEAD PEOPLE.

    (Harris County Civil Probate Court #3 Judge Rory Olsen refuses to bother himself with reviewing TAX FRAUDs, and he supports attorneys like federal felon William Daniel Elsom, Teresa Scardino, Ben King….)

    Why not?????
    It is “how it works” in Texas….

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