Changes Are Coming

I am often up very early getting around and this morning is no exception. I’m up early because I have to drive several miles to get where I’m going. I wonder what would happen if I can’t drive anymore?

The difficult time in meeting all my deadlines is amplified by not having a place to live. I am certain that come the 28th, some of the madness will die down.

I am thinking about moving away from where my base is to a new location and it might be nice to wake up each morning anew.

I believe that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Some people have patterns in their lives which they never seem to break.

Anyway, stopping can be brought on by a change of circumstances that create the desire to break cycles (habits) in our everyday existence.

I have never know anyone to stay healthy both mentally and physically who does not look at their own life and constantly changes. Whether the changes be big or small,, there is constant change.

I am certain that until the day I die,, change is always coming and doing something about it is the essence of existence.

Have a nice day and remember change is constant,, responding to it is up to you.


One Response to “Changes Are Coming”

  1. Devon Says:

    change can be a scary thing but also so exciting at the same time. have a safe drive today.

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