I Love It When People Lie On Affidavits, But I Feel Pity For The Opposition’s Client

It never ceases to amaze me the extent “lawyers” go to win. I always believe it’s an ego thing with the “great lawyers”. Sometimes, they don’t even read their client’s affidavits when they file stuff in court their client has signed under oath. I am certain that “great lawyers” would never make those mistakes and allow their client to swear falsely under oath, but it does happen.

When that happens and it will, make the best use of it possible. I don’t mean kill, kill, kill,, I mean allow the document to destroy the other side. It’s really very easy to do. Usually the attorney will want to testify about attorneys fees and then he or she will tell you he or she will never let that happen.

Then the opposition takes the stand and all hell breaks loose. I always say,, remember it’s not always what the document says,, it’s what the document doesn’t say that will destroy the opponent.

I suspect that “lawyers” never get the chance or even want to step into the shoes of their client. They simply don’t know how, or the only thing they are interested in is money, money and more money. They usually don’t know the case and can’t understand it at all,, so they are doomed to doing things the same old way. That same old way usually causes a loss for them and their clients. If you ask “great lawyers”, they will always tell you they always get paid,, what they don’t tell you is how their client fared and how much money was spent on attorneys fees.

It is amazing that attorneys don’t ever let the client’s story be told,, it’s always what the “great attorney” thinks the client’s story is. Anyway,, back to the topic.

I am certain that when clients lie on affidavits, they are afraid and haven’t told the attorney everything,, and the “attorney” didn’t bother to check out the facts or he or she wouldn’t allow the client to sign the affidavit.

It is always a bad policy to start off under oath not telling the truth and attorneys if you allow that to happen,, you are committing malpractice,, plain and simple.

Here’s the end of the story,, “great lawyers” need to understand the client’s story,, not what they think it is,, but what it really is. Get inside the client’s feelings,, never think,, just feel. In the end,, you’ll be a better lawyer and your client won’t come after you. Have a nice day and remember “great lawyers” to read those affidavits before you introduce them in court.

It’s always the client’s story that matters,, not the “great lawyers” ego.


One Response to “I Love It When People Lie On Affidavits, But I Feel Pity For The Opposition’s Client”

  1. Deborah Nun Says:

    I just posted a reply to the statements on “CAN EVERYONE CONTRIBUTE” from other day. PLEASE READ IT. I found what you wrote very insulting, very harmful, and I am no longer interested in reading what you write. I am slow to get the comment written because I type with two fingers, and never typed at all before my assault and the losses I have suffered since my mother’s death five years ago- you lawyers know- “a civil matter” where lawyers really do have a license to steal…My disabled ass has trouble expressing myself but I do not lie, cheat, steal or hurt anybody…even when it is tempting… I will privately send you a list am supposed to write as part of my legal statements I will need trying to stand up for myself seeking assistance in another branch of our gov. legal system -not the judicial one that has no wish to admit, correct, or prevent what goes on in civil probate.
    God bless you, I will pray for you. I will forgive you just like the lawyers who have used their licenses not to practice law,but to steal- knowing they are able to steal just like common thieves, but will not have to be accountable like other common thieves…at least here in Texas.
    Forgiving the person does not mean I have to allow the injury. So my little disabled ass that is one of that group you have such contempt for will go on with my little Ghandi inspired protest-altho I realize that Ghandi was probably successful only because he was also a lawyer. I will continue to put my faith in the Highest Judge, that you may or may not believe in YET: The One Called Many Names: GOD. He has done alot already when you look at how far He has carried me these past five years. It is not up to me what God will do, or when He will do it, but I am sure that He has never failed or forgotten me. It doesn’t matter what anyone on this planet wants to say or think about me, or try to demand I should do if it breaks God’s laws…one of them is bearing false witness against my neighbor…the law to never return evil with evil, but always return evil with good is the only way I do anything…and sometimes that means I can do nothing but sit here and pray . What I write is not pleasing to some, but it is always the truth. I actually started to answer that “Contribute” post with an idea I had to help the guy that was your “inspiration” for what you wrote. But as I wrote, I felt something was troubling about if I was to help this guy, the only way I would be able to was through you. So I went back and read the post again, and realized what I had just ignored because I had put my focus on the one good goal in the story. I hope you never get to experience first hand what it is to be disabled; you seem to have learned alot be being what you think is “homeless”. You have not begun to preceive the reality of homelessness that many people are trying to survive in spite of everyday. Maybe try and start doing some small act of kindness for a complete stranger who doesn’t know you and will never be able to thank you for it, and don’t tell anybody what good thing you did…It might change your lofe in all the ways you seem to be looking for but cannot find. But please don’t judge people like you did with that SSA crap.

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