Resiliency, Resiliency, Resiliency

I often wonder what would happen if the word resiliency weren’t in our vocabulary? Would we all lay down and die? Would we stop our life functions and just quit?

Sadly, I have met some people who have just quit. They have stopped everything they know and just quit. It really doesn’t matter to the public as a whole, but it does to me.

I suppose there are those who do not understand the survival techniques necessary to live,, they just want to die. I suppose for those folks, suicide is the answer.

I tell people that suicide is a choice, one that is a bad choice, but never the less, a choice. It seems to me, that if you allow people to make a choice, they can then choose life instead of death.

So, I don’t like to see people committing suicide, but I am certain that by giving them the choice,, they then can choose for themselves or not.

Just remember, choices are what we make in life,, what we do. If we don’t make choices,, then we are doomed. Sometimes the choice is not to fight and sometimes the choice is to fight.

How resilient are you? Can you fight,, can you make the choice to win? Just remember, the more we come back from adversary,, the stronger we grow.

Have a nice day and remember to be resilient.


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