Divorce Hell

Well, today is the day I get to see about the temporary orders the soon to be ex has requested. The “other side” filed for and received a hearing on whether or not to get temporary relief during the pendency of this divorce.

What amazes me, is that I’m homeless and I suppose that “they” want a bunch of support and bills paid, but probably don’t give a crap about me. I am still in shock about being thrown out of my home, my partnership and not having but a few clothes to wear.

I am living out of my car right now and frankly,, it ain’t right. I have been stripped of every shred of dignity that I have and my luggage consists of plastic bags,, and hell, they don’t even match.

Anyway, I can say this about being homeless, it sucks. I often wonder why homeless people just don’t get help or go to a shelter. I’ll tell ya up front,,, it’s because they are in shock about what has happened to them and the trauma they have has never been dealt with.

It feels like a knife has cut out my heart and then several nails driven through my very soul as if to punish me,, no,, destroy me. I can’t believe that people are that cruel,, but then again,, it is happening to me, so I now can feel it.

I wonder if reversing roles with me would do “them” any good,, but probably not,,, I guess it’s war and not some skirmish or some little battle. The right to survive is being tested here and the justice that prevails will be riding a slow mule.

I am certain that the last few nights I haven’t slept are all because of awaiting the first battle of the war. I know now how clients feel waiting their trial and how they feel when they face their opponents.

In the end, justice will prevail,, it is just a hell of a slow, long hard ride to get there. Have a nice day and remember to buy a sandwich for a homeless dude. Peace.


One Response to “Divorce Hell”

  1. martin seinfeld Says:

    stay strong, good luck. I hope there is a hell, so that your soon to be ex will have a place to be warm in the hereafter.

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