Who Gets Hurt When You’re Angry?

I have many clients who are angry. They show anger towards others and then ultimately it hurts them. I firmly believe that over the years, anger has hurt me more than it has hurt those that I am angry with. I really need to understand that it is fear,, not anger, behind the feeling.

I remember a time in my life when I showed anger towards a lot of things and I also remember feeling bad during that time. I never related the feeling of anger to feeling bad during that time.

I believe that when we are angry, certain physiological changes occur in our bodies that stimulate the production of chemicals that otherwise are not present in any great quantity in ourselves. What I mean is this,, it feels like anger generates certain responses that are not healthy.

I notice that I begin to tense up and it is fight, not flight that I experience. The reaction from me is one of heightened alertness. I feel more and more tense and certain to lose what good feelings I might have. When that happens,, it’s time to get in touch with my fears.

I guess what I’m saying is this,, anger is the poison we drink expecting others to die.

Remember, anger doesn’t help you,, it only hurts you. Have a nice day and be safe,,, not angry and look at the fear behind the anger.


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