Can Everyone Contribute?

I am often asked this question by “others” who complain that they have the inability to contribute for whatever reason. Sometimes, people claim that their “disease” prevents them from working,, from contributing.

I am certain that everyone in the world contributes to everything in one way or another. Some people start companies, some people paint, some people invent, some people just exist and then there are those whose inability to work make them seem like they can’t contribute.

I meet many people whose disabilities do not prevent them from contributing. Some people I meet have Downs syndrome and yet still work. Some people have severe mental and physical handicaps, yet still work.

I say, everyone contributes to the experience of life, whether or not they are capable of working. I often wonder why people say they can’t work? Is it because they are lazy? I know of some people who claim their disability prevents them from holding down a job, yet they do everything they want to do,, except go to work. Why?

I write this article because I have a client who can not work,, yet does try to do so. I am fully behind this client in his quest to work, but finding him a job is a bit more difficult than imagined.

It is not enough he has severe disabilities, he also has the work ethic instilled by his parents that he follows,,, everyone should work. It just drives me crazy that the Social Security Administration has an “expert” that says my guy can sort envelopes somewhere in the United States,, but there is no job like that available in Texas.

So, in the end,, this fella wants to work, but there is no job available for him to work in Texas. Is that right? Just because some expert says you can work,, doesn’t mean there is a job available. Likewise just because you are disabled, doesn’t mean you can’t work. It’s a very strange world in Social Security land.

In the end, just remember, not everyone who is “disabled” can’t work and not everyone who is disabled can find work. I guess you have to be a “lawyer” to figure that one out. Have a nice day and remember, homeless people are humans also.


One Response to “Can Everyone Contribute?”

  1. Deborah Nun Says:

    Contributing? OK, wait a minute. Numero Uno: As far as “collecting disability”, some of us are “collecting” what we already Contributed. I am getting back what I P-A-I-D- in F.I.C.A.. -one little piece at a time.
    Had I been given an option to bank it myself instead of mandated to CONTRIBUTE, it would be a big, interest bearing, lump sum, that we could compare to a Lawyer’s
    Retainer F-E-E. My check is called S.S.D.-

    There is a check that is called S.S.I..that some of those that do not have an amount on record, or the amt is insufficiant, they get a chk on the 1st of every month.
    S.S.D. chks go out based on what week in the month your birthday is in and whatever week came next is the week you get your chk. They are issued on Wednesdays.

    As far as “experts” in the S.S.A , whatever is in the description of their position, some may have a degree, some just a J-O-B, but all client’s records must include the report(s) from an M.D. I am wondering if you have requested from the ‘experts’ to discuss with you what their lists offer for him to pursue for treatment, or therapy or educational services.

    If all the “differently abled” people had lawyers that were as focussed on making sure their ‘billable hours’ were actually a fair and accurate record of time spent on their clients legal needs, and their professional services truly earned the fees instead of using the method to charge for their time spent practicing anything except the law.
    The experiences that my last last five years have taught me include the plain fact that the legal profession views themselves as separate and superior to every else, and are the one group that are least often going to use ‘finding of facts’ or rules of law to form their opinion of persons, especially when deciding which clients may or may not ‘deserve’ to get what they are actually entitled to, by law and in equity. but according to what tale was told and passed on as gospel according to the rumor mill…..those persons ‘opinions’ are formed and decide in spite of facts and law how a case may or may not conclude, and control that outcome based on how the case is to be litigated, what is to be included or excuded, or they will allow, raise an objection to, etc.; Very often the outcome is decided by an agreement between the lawyers on both sides of the case and reached in private conversation(s) with any number of persons involved, (in my case, at one point there were actually five attorneys, a retired Judge, and the Judge of Court in control of the case…)
    Here in Texas, if lawyers are not immediately successful with what deal was approved by everyone but the person that kept insisting on, and waiting for the facts and law to be presented and included on the court record of the case, that person will likely find plenty of attorneys who will give “tea and sympathy”, but no attorney with the courage to stand up and demand for the law and the facts in the case will be allowed to be heard in open court and included in the record. In a case like mine, I did find a few lawyers who said that for $10,000.00 up front they would read and study the case to decide if they thought there was anything they could do to help, but they would need to be paid the additional costs of actually going to court! HELLO??? CONTRIBUTE??? Who exactly are you so selflessly concerned with bringing to your reader’s attention that, in all your infinate wisdom, are these you imply are all found sucking some huge, ill-gotten profit from SSA, which you see as being made up of mainly people who are “using” the SSA to provide them such enviable lifestyles; The SSA might hire you to watch and report to them the names of the people you see that are just living so large off of…..WHO’S BIG TAX CONTRIBUTION???? I would be more than happy to compare my quarterly tax ‘returns’, and the annual profits from my investments with any of the lawyers or the Judge and retired Judge who have ‘contributed’ and participated in the court proceeding to ‘fulfill’ what is required by law to settle the estate and follow the Will that my dead mother assumed would protect her assets and her heirs so she could decide who her property would be left to.
    Any ‘crime wave’ that you can name does not cause more loss to such a long chain of the different people that are effected and are harmed by the losses that start with one person. I will use my own case as an example, albeit the sum is considered by the ‘legal community’ to be ‘small’. The people who are prevented from having their piece of this ‘small’ amount do not consider this loss ‘small’. The undeniable facts and evidence in my case make this case a controversy which will be not about if there is any shadow of doubt, but how to determine the several percentages each participant should be held responsible for. I had no idea what was being concealed from me as a 50% heir-named by a valid, approved, and uncontested Will- to an estate worth approx. one million dollars. I was lied to, coerced, threatened, defamed in the motions filed in the case that are on the record, but have never yet gone beyond that- except for the amounts of money claomed by the party who filed them were simply paid by the co-party, the exector of the estate. When I was told the motion and request were filed, (I was not sent copies), I hired a lawyer. She had been referred by my brother in law the lawyer. She is the sister of his former partner, and had worked out of the same office. Weeks went by, she would not return my calls, and when she finally did, she told me she “liked to give these guys time to work things out.” Call to brother in law to ask if that seemed right to him, I was told, “she knows what she is doing…”. What she knew and all the other lawyers knew, is that the lawyer who started the deception, used the proceeding and the letters of testament as he continued to advise the “executor” to not tell the heirs anything except they “weren’t ready to do anything”, was in Wyoming facing criminal charges in an international scam selling unregistered securities. I can prove this by who the motion and request were sent to. They were not sent to him, who was/is the lawyer of record in the court, who filed the Will, but his partner! I went into that detail so there is no doubt about what has gone on in my case from the onset. I am not some dissatisfied whining client. I am a victim of frauds that have been done in the most underhanded, inexcusable, intentional manner by officers of the court, and allowed to continue by the Judge who at the very least, is frequently ruling in other cases they are representing in his court. That is all I can prove. Now, back to who suffers loss:
    1.) Me. Why? It is not hard to get the common thread that this entire case follows. No open hearings, no records appear or are allowed, nothing that was promised to be filed was, all that happened is farce and almost 100% of the payments from the “estate account” which was only non probate funds fraudulently removed from personal accounts of the deceased from another State- not even Texas banks! The funds that were earned by the heirs property in the other State were not turned over to them, but deposited in the Estate account- an Estate with no debt when it began, but the farm in the other State that earned the money stolen was withheld from the heirs from almost three years- and after the last income check collected before the property went into foreclosure because of debt incurred after Will was filed for probate, the heirs had to rush to arrange a mortgage to save this never before indebted family property and are still paying off a loan of over $30,000.00 to save it!
    2.) My heirs will not receive what they would had it not been stolen. That is my children and grandchildren.
    3.) My art that may or may not ever “contribute” to the world has stopped. I have not painted for over four years.
    I have devoted my time 24/7 to learning what I should have been able to be provided by those who have been paid over $100,000.00 these “legal professionals” have made sure to be paid while this heir has patiently trusted, and then respectfully asked- over and over- for the court to order this estate to be properly closed.
    4.) This heir has been seeking assistance from the court to order all the taxes to be settled, and all information made open to this heir, and these tax records that will eventually be the seen by the gov. as debts of the heir or the property the heir is still being refused by “the estate” to release. So the two States and the federal government-that one that provides the SSA the money to operate that comes from that federal tax money that I have been prevented from “conributing” to.
    5.) The life before probate that I enjoyed and had the freedom and liberty of using my time-and money- in participating with membership in and the interests I have been unable to continue as a result of “legal matters”, (I can prove if need be my past membership and support of the charitable causes I “CONTRIBUTED” to that are listed below, since I am regarded as such a deadbeat by the group of the lawyers and the judge and so do not have any ‘right’ to have their court do what the laws and Will say they are to do):
    A.) VFW-Veterans of Foriegn Wars/The Ladies Auxillary;(( Ladies who do many of the services that for VA Hospital patients….)
    B.) Habitat for Humanity: remember? homeless humans
    C.) MDAnderson Children’s Art Project
    I think that should make my point. There are more, but it is depressing(for ME) to see it in writing

    So before you have time or the motivation to be a “Contributor” to society, and do this by announcing where to find the “non Contributors”,
    (which you have no idea how harmful what you say is-you are doing nothing but promoting prejudice of the “disabled”)
    it might behoove you, and your fellows to start with the same place charity starts: AT HOME.

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