Do You Dream Anymore?

I have awaken this morning after a sleep with dreams so vivid it ain’t even funny, I can’t remember the last time I had such vivid dreams, but they have been few and far in between.

It seems that dreams are something that I enjoy, yet can’t remember always what happens to me. I suppose that in my dreams before, I always worried about things like bills, bills, bills and other self made drama in my life. Hence I never remembered them that well.

Last night, in the land of dreams, I have an unusual encounter with myself along the road. I ask myself how it is that I am homeless and then answer myself. The answer astonishes me,, in fact, it is unbelievable. How often do you get to see yourself and meet your own life in your dreams?

I wonder what in the hell the dream meant, but it probably isn’t important,, what is important is that I am dreaming again. Dreams control the destiny of the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind can influence the conscious mind. Once the conscious mind is influenced, the reality shift occurs and dreams can become reality.

I often had dreams of flying,, but haven’t had those dreams in a long time. Last night, it is my spirit awaking to the possibility of freedom again. No more bondage of self imposed ideas or chains that prevent me from being me.

I am wondering why my eating habits have changed so much,, why things that used to be important aren’t anymore,, and why the world seems different from before.

I sense that my feeling things is concrete and I am grounded in knowing about the freedom of living and experiencing life, rather than the mechanical movements that we often think we must show others to allow us to fit in with their world.

Who wouldn’t give anything to be free? Crappy marriages, bad decisions of owning things that ultimately own us,, why not be free?

Do you dream anymore?


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