Nuts And Berries

I have learned to survive on nuts and berries. Occasionally, I’ll eat out, but I’m trying to eat healthier, so I’ll eat some nuts and berries for breakfast, lunch and then at dinner, I’ll eat a bigger meal.

I am convinced that the traditional eating fare I ate when I was among the day people is unhealthy at best and probably full of toxins. The nuts and berries and fruits I now eat regularly are better for me and actually more in tune with my physiological clock.

I eat more snacks during the day and I eat less and less overall than before. I can stand to lose a few pounds and maybe this will be the opportunity to do so.

It also seems that more and more I drink water than other beverages such as diet coke or some other sugar filled nonsense. I quit coffee and only drink tea now and even the approach to health care is changing for me.

I am painting a new picture of happiness and it has better colors than before. Just remember in life, the picture you live isn’t always the one you would paint if you could. Have a nice day and remember to hug yourself,, you’re special.


One Response to “Nuts And Berries”

  1. martin seinfeld Says:

    Where do you get mail? Let me know.
    love Martin

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