It Is Often Said In Life There Is Tragedy And Joy

I have often heard that phrase and I firmly believe in it. It is apparent to me that all the great leaders go through this phase of their lives. I suppose that Mandela and Gandhi felt the immense tragedy and then the incredible joy in  the time they spend on this ball of dirt I call earth.

I have the extreme pleasure of knowing and being loved by so many people that it ain’t even funny. I wish to thank all who have offered to help and are of course concerned about me.

So thank you the army of supporters; Al, Lonnie, Naomi, Mark, Sean, Craig, Genie, Kim, Mark, Zack, Tamara, Stacie, Kim, Dave, Mark, Kim, Amy, Mike, Joe, Kat, Lin, Lynn, Mark, Steve, Linda, Kim,  Joe, Cathy, Tony, Becky, Rafe, Veronica, Ron, Paula, Cindy, Cindy, Cindy, Cindy, Glenn, Lonnie, Roger, Roger, Bridgette, John, John, John, Ed, Ed, Ed, Norman, Elizabeth, John, Paul, Paul, Paul, Tom, Tom, Larry, Larry, Dave, Dave, Ernie, Sam, Sam, Joel, Joe, Matt, Ken, Kenny, Miles, Matt, Benito, Tran, Victor, Kim, Mel, Glenn, JoAnne, Tony, Tony, Chris, Chris, Jack, Amy, Nick, Leigh, Leslie, Ricky, Ralph, Jim, James, Ed, Earl, JoAnne, Sue, Sue, James, Pam, Pamela, Susan, Matt, Gerry, Jerry, Geri, Vince, Vincent, Barry, Barry, Barri, Albert, Alberto, Alvarado, Carl, Carl, Carrie, Cari, Carmen, Carl, Chuck, Charles, Carol, Charlene, Carmen, Charlotte, Sharon, Sharon, Susan, Brittney, Jennifer, Ginny, Genii, Gary, Gary, Guy, Gabriel, Diana, Dianne, Di, Dix, Dax, Mary, Marlene, Mary, Samantha, Sam, Be-Bop, Nancy, Nanci, Nat, Matt, Mike, Michael, Michelle, Dominick, Darlene, Darla, Doris, Dorothy, Darren, Daren, Dan, Dan, Dan, Steve, Stephen, Steven, Steve, Rich, Richard, Rick, Ricky, Clyde, Clint, Conrad, Larry, Lari, Levi, Ben, Ben, Benjamin, Ben, Dave, David, Dimitri, Ann, Anne, Ann, Leslie,  Dennis, Dennis, Denis, Bruce, Carl, Karl, Carl, Karl, Agatha, Amy, Brad, Bradley, Clayton, Clay, Clay, Del, Joe, Ed, Edward, Eddie, Ed, Frank, Frank, Fred, George, George, Grant, Grant, Harry, Hari, Harry, Jack, John, Jack, Bo, Kat, Lynn, Lin, LaCreasha, Mike, Mark, Mike, Nancy, Norm, Paul, Paul, Pat, Patty, Patti, Patty, Roger, Rick, Richard, Ron, Ronald, Remy, Sara, Sarah, Sam, Tom, Thomas, Steve, Vic, Wayne, Wayne, Wyatt, Zak, and many others who I can’t remember their names right now.

Each of you, including clients and friends and new acquaintances have offered me help and support and love,,, something I treasure more than anything and for that I am extremely grateful.

I am under a Temporary Restraining Order, so I appreciate the army of outpouring I’ve received from each and every one of you,, I really, really love each of you, whether you know it or not.

On October 16th in a courthouse in a small county in rural Texas, there will occur a hearing at 10:30 A.M. That hearing will determine if I have a place to live or not.

I am alright this moment and do not want to overstep my boundaries. I will ask for help when it becomes too overwhelming.

I often say, that in life the experiences aren’t important,, it’s the lessons we learn from them. I will keep each of you informed and in the end,, love will triumph,, not bitterness nor anger.

The positive karma keeps coming and I did buy a winter coat with a gift card today.

Being homeless is a new experience and one that I do not wish on anyone, but remember, you too can fall. Until the next post,, I really love each of you deeply. Peace and love to all.

Paul J. Smith, “The Homeless Lawyer”


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