Why So Damn Much Therapy?

You know, as I see it, going to therapy keeps me sane. My current living arrangements, (none) have put many people in the mental hospital. I am certain that there must be a therapeutic environment for the homeless, else they won’t survive.

I am fortunate to not have burned bridges in my 20 + years of sobriety. I have many, many, many friends who love and care for me and that helps me through each and every day of my life now.

I am fortunate to have several therapists who care, otherwise it wouldn’t be pretty. I am not isolating, as I am convinced that the “homeless” do that and then many perish,, so I ain’t going there.

I feel relief in knowing that today I’m loved, that I’m nurtured and that I am not alone in this world. Maybe, I’ll be able to get a decent shower and shave today.

Remember, in life, the journey is the goal, wherever it takes you. Sometimes, things happen to you that you don’t understand or can’t comprehend, but in the end,, it’s all up to you.

If you think you’re a king and can’t be taken down, think again,, if you are a peasant, you have nowhere to go but up. Those who think they have the power and the wealth have never faced themselves in the mirror. It’s a scary, scary thing facing yourself in the mirror for the first time. Have a nice day and remember to thank a homeless person,, you may end up being their neighbor some day.


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