Rain And Cold

I feel the actual feeling of being homeless and I can tell you how the rain and cold feels on my face and back as I scramble to stay dry and warm. As a homeless person, it sucks.

I am in a three corner building that is little more than a wind break, and one that has no roof. The rain and cold came in droves last night and it’s hell sleeping standing up.

I remember what it was like living in a house full of furniture and a bed,, those days are but a memory now.  I remember what it was like to cook my own breakfast,, how the eggs and bacon sizzled on the stove and how my dog always looked up at me with his eyes and wanted some food.

I can recall the convenience of a bathroom, instead of the Shell station and I recall being able to shower and change clothes in the morning, instead of waiting for a bookstore or library to open so that I might get a little sleep.

I appreciate those things that I had in the past and wonder what would happen if people had to reverse roles with me,, how would they feel? I imagine that each day in my world would cause a hell of a lot of them to be pushed to the brink of insanity.

I just hope that in the end,, those that cause the pain for others, can reverse roles with the ones to whom they’ve caused the pain and feel what it’s like. Then maybe there would be healing instead of bitterness. Comfort, instead of rage and peace to all.

Have a nice day and remember to give a jacket to a homeless person,, they really, really need it more than you.


One Response to “Rain And Cold”

  1. markwbennett Says:

    I’ve got camping equipment you’re welcome to take.

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