Thanks Again To All

I’m amazed at the number of people who have come to my aid to offer help to me. I must be giving out good Karma, because I doubt that many folks would offer to help if I didn’t.

I’m asking you all today, if you were suddenly homeless, who would help you? It might be a good indicator of who would help if you let everyone know you’re homeless and then wait and see.

I’ve been blessed by those who I know and even by those whom I don’t. All it takes is a place to shower and a little food. I’ve learned to nap in public places and then go where I can to eat.

So anyway,, that’s just something to think about,, remember it could happen to you. Not all homeless people are bums,, some are just down on their luck or thrown out of their homes.

So, I guess that in the end, those that we may have despised are now among us and we are really them.

Last night I met a really cool person who is a waitress. She is a single mom and I don’t know how she does it, but she is my new hero. Just think raising kids by yourself, and as she told me, her kids are getting great grades, and here she is,, working her fingers to the bone.

I often wonder what is in store for America, but when I meet people like this, I am at ease. There are people who teach their kid’s family values and can live the good life, even if money is tight. I hope her kids appreciate what sacrifices she is making for them, and I’ve got to believe they do.

I guess I should say that being present in the moment allowed me to get to know, even briefly, another perfect human being. I probably would not have had the opportunity to meet her had I not been present. So no matter who you may think you are, or what you do,, just remember, you’re perfect just the way you are. Have a nice day and remember the heroes are those whom we often do not recognize in life.


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