Impossible, Impossible, Impossible

It’s always a daunting task, dealing with impossible situations. I mean, look at my situation,, homeless and without clothes, except for what I managed to get out of the ranch house.

I often wonder what the freedom fighters of old thought. Here come the British, they’ve burned our home, they’ve looted our chattels and now they expect us to surrender against impossible odds.

I wonder if the other side even understands the resolve that individuals have against that type of actions by the oppressors. Wouldn’t it be easier to say resolve the differences, make room for them at the table, rather than war?

I suppose that in today’s society, the very concept of fairness has expired and in a divorce, what ever happened to negotiations? I suppose that the “newest thing” called collaborative law divorces are the way to go. It doesn’t cost a damn thing to do and makes sense.

I have seen the cost of war, the cost of trials and know that in the end the “lawyers” are the only ones who win. But when one side has taken everything, why wouldn’t the other side not force them to spend money?

I suppose that in the end, the only thing the “rich and privileged” folk understand is hitting them in the pocketbook,, they never understand “fairness”, so sometimes,, that’s what you gotta do.

I wonder how many children will be killed in the wars we arbitrarily undertake. Wouldn’t it be great if black, white, Muslim, Christian, Jew and Hindu all sat down together at a table and just ate and talked?

The empire of Russia was in a war it could never win against the Taliban,, it eventually destroyed their empire. Russia poured all of its money into a war they could and would never win. The Taliban still are living, while the great American enemy, Russia, is no more. Who won the war,, not just some of the battles? Who spent all their money and went bankrupt? Now America’s newest enemy is the Taliban, while just a few years ago,, they were are friends. When will it end?

I suggest sitting down first and always, never, ever, ever go to war if it is unnecessary,, just ask all the mothers who lost their sons if the war was worth it? Just ask to see how many trillions was spent of a fruitless fight. Who won,,, it is always the arms manufacturers or the divorce attorneys. Have a nice day and happy dreams of peace.


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