Does Anyone Know What it Costs To Battle?

I often wonder if clients really know the price they have to pay for revenge, or as some might think,,, justice. It is often staggering the amount of money and effort spent to win, and in the end, if the attorney gets it all, have you really won?

I hear of divorce attorneys who end up with the entire estate of the clients just because clients want that revenge. I have heard of clients who are willing to pay the price of everything to see their soon to be ex get nothing.

I hope people really aren’t that dumb,, but sometimes they are. Is is smart to give your real estate to an attorney to battle for you? No, unless you are charged with capital murder. Is it smart to mortgage your land to pay the over priced attorney to extract revenge? No. Is it smart to sell your possession to win? No, it’s not.

I often wonder what the double cost of a trial and then an arbitration would be. I don’t know much, but I am certain it’s damn expensive. Just think, twice the discovery of the same witnesses. One deposition in a lawsuit and one deposition in an arbitration proceeding. Damn,, that’s expensive.

And what about those “lawyers” who promise to kill, kill, kill the soon to be ex spouse, but charge so terribly much money that they end up with everything? Isn’t that unethical?

I often wonder if the biting of your pride and the placing of your ego aside won’t in the end save you more money and land than the absolute desire to kill. Clients beware,,, does your attorney promise to kill, kill, kill,  and take everything you own, or does he or she relay every offer and attempt to keep an estate for you, rather than take all the real estate for him or herself?

Clients,, be smart, not vengeful. There are attorneys out there who charge $300.00 or more an hour and take everything you have, then never stand in front of the jury because they’ve taken it all from you.

In the end,, sometimes it’s better to keep things you have than to allow your attorneys to take everything you might ever own. And attorneys who see the big paycheck,, watch out,, because you might meet someone who will actually respond and do battle,, one that you will lose after you’ve taken all your client’s things. What will the client do when you have gotten everything they own? I caution you attorneys that operate like that,, it’s a disaster when the angry client realizes what you’ve done. Perhaps you should contact your malpractice carrier.

Attorneys who operate like that, need to be very, very careful when dealing with clients who are angry. Make damn sure Mr. or Mrs. attorney you explain in detail the actual costs of the litigation. I suggest you contact your client on a daily basis letting them know how much of their money you are spending  on your version of “justice”. And clients,, have your attorney give you a daily printout of the hours and most importantly the money they spend on a daily basis to pursue “justice”.

Sometimes the attorney’s ego gets in the way of reason and common sense, and then that’s when you clients have a malpractice lawsuit against those ego driven attorneys. An ethical attorney will suggest settlement. He or she will tell you truthfully that you should make settlement offers, because he or she will see that it is a battle that he or she will end up getting everything you own (stocks, bonds, real estate, cattle, chattel, etc.,), but you the client, will get nothing.

It’s so easy to do and also, make damn sure the attorney has a current Errors and Omissions policy, because that’s all you may get after the attorney takes everything you own.

Anyway, have a nice day and remember,, the cost of battle is always more than the pocket change it costs to settle a case when your opponent has nothing to lose.


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