It’s amazing what I carry around in me. I am in intense therapy with a “master” of therapy. A “master” who helped develop the therapy I am undergoing. She is 90+ years old and incredible. I can’t believe the healing power this woman has.

I first notice the incredible youth and aliveness the she exudes in the room at her house. It’s incredible to feel the presence of such healing. There are a few of us, each with our own struggles and each with our own “blocks”.

I await my turn and I’m there, present in the room and feeling all my blocks that prevent me from being me,,, when I’m describing these blocks and all of a sudden, I realize the main blocks I have had for years are dissipating.

It’s almost like the blocks have been with me for many, many years and now,,, (that’s a hell of a long time to carry these blocks around and they damn near suffocate me),, they are leaving.

I can’t tell you why this is happening, because I’ve fought for years to get rid of them, but it is. Maybe the intense therapy I’m undergoing is the solution, maybe the being present in the moment is the solution, maybe just someone who is wise and asking me simple questions, maybe the realization that a long time is passing and I’m carrying these blocks,,,, I don’t know and I can’t say,,,,  but it’s getting better.

Wow, I can say this,, the blocks that you have that prevent you from being you are able to be destroyed and removed,, ain’t it about time to do that? Have a nice day and remember to work on yourself daily,, no one else will.


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