It’s Time For CLE Again

Every year, I take CLE again and again and this year is no different. I’m catching a plane to New York for therapy and CLE. This CLE may not be recognized by the bar, but it sure as hell is recognized by me.

I have several classes to attend and I have several days in which to do it. Just think, the thought of the divorce is behind me for a few days and I’m in a hurry to catch a plane, so maybe more later.

I just want to leave you with this, readers,, remember a man is placed on a mountain top and falls down the side. He is not injured, but only he can decide whether to climb the mountain back, or go to a different one or do nothing.

I suggest that in life, sometimes you fall, what you do next is your decision. I will ride again. Have a wonderful day and remember to hug yourself,, you’re really special.

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