Homeless, Day One

I can’t decide if I’ll launch a new blog about being homeless, or just chronicle daily in this blog, but it’ll get interesting either way. I suppose the most important thing in being homeless and trying to maintain some sort of working habits is having a place to shower and shave.

I was able to get my air mattress out of the ranch before the modern miracle of divorce stripped me of everything I own, including most of my clothes and several legal files, but that’s enough for a start.

I’m thinking of adding a trailer to my little Chrysler Crossfire that will tow behind it and carry stuff like the guys with their shopping carts, but I don’t think the Crossfire even has the ability to have a trailer hitch put on it, so that idea is probably out.

So, I guess I need to spend time working on getting a source of water for my shower and a way to store clothes. I don’t even know where to sleep or what area to sleep in, because I don’t have a place in Houston anymore, nor do I have a place near my offices in central Texas either.

I guess just for today, I’ll stay in Dallas, because I’m going to New York tomorrow for intense therapy, a trip long before planned out and paid for. It’s kinda neat, I’ll be getting back from there, then I can begin to concentrate on a new place to sleep and shower.

I don’t know where I’ll end up, but it’s very freeing, knowing that the wind is at my back and I’m free until I file my answer in divorce court after they serve me. The war then begins in earnest.

I suppose that I’ll need some flop house near the seat of all the action in central Texas, but I’ll deal with that later, once I get back from New York. Anyway, it’ll be interesting writing about the plight of me, “The Homeless Lawyer”.

Wow, what a book title,, “The Homeless Lawyer”. It might begin something like this,,,,  stripped of all possessions, the homeless lawyer is left standing open in the field,, not knowing what will happen next. The only weapon he has is his pen and paper,, can he kill enough trees to battle with those gianorums over paid “lawyers” who know everything about divorce. Will a jury rescue him and right the wrongs done?

All I can say, is stay tuned for more,,, it’s a hell of an adventure. Remember to be present and hug yourself,,, you really deserve it,, you’re not that evil person “others” may say you are.

Have a nice day from your “Homeless Lawyer”, who will ride again.


2 Responses to “Homeless, Day One”

  1. martin seinfeld Says:

    what the hell is happening?
    Are you in New York

  2. J. B. Says:

    One of the most famous Attorneys in California, tied to both federal and state officials files action on behalf of homeless former Stanford Medical Student defrauded by American National Insurance Company
    On August 28, 2009, this said attorney filed a complaint against American National Insurance Company on behalf of Dr. J. B., a former surgical resident at Stanford University School of Medicine, who is now homeless and suffering severe brain trauma. The lawsuit alleges that the Texas-based company issued a fraudulent insurance policy that has prevented him from securing government assistance and access to health care. The lawsuit alleges that American National Insurance Company and Petaluma-based Legacy Marketing Group made the plaintiff – Dr. J.B. the co-owner of a life insurance policy without his consent, using forged signatures.

    When he became homeless due to a brain disorder and attempted to apply for government benefits, Dr. J.B. was denied on the grounds that he had valuable assets as the co-owner of the insurance policy. According to the lawsuit, Dr. J.B informed the Defendants that his status as a co-owner of the insurance policy was preventing him from obtaining benefits. Nonetheless, the Defendants refused to rescind the insurance policy.

    Said Attorey, stated: “This insurance company threw him under the bus.” He continued: “Defendants left this man in an impossible situation: homeless and destitute, but prohibited from obtaining government assistance due to ownership of a life insurance policy which was set up with forged signatures.”

    “Without access to benefits, Dr. J.B has spent months at a time living in homeless shelters, living out of cars, and living on the streets. His lack of access to basic necessities has caused both his mental and physical health to deteriorate. As a result, he has been in and out of hospitals, emergency rooms, and psych wards, and — without medical benefits — has accumulated medical bills well in excess of one million dollars,” said Attorney.

    Ultimately this Attorney threw me under the bus no different than the Defendants. Why and How? Stay Tuned if interested.

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