Oops, I’m Different

Well, it’s official, I’m different from most people. I’m in a small Texas town today and tomorrow and guess what,, I’m finding out I’m different from most. Today, I’m in a hearing and I really don’t agree with the opinions of those who are opposing me in their quest to do justice for the government.

I find that I do not agree with the thoughts, actions and beliefs of those persons who have decided to stand for the government and against my client. I am troubled by the very things the government attempts to do,, yet, I am bothered by what is said about my client.

I can not put my finger on it directly, but I suppose that in the end,, the client will not have a pleasant experience with this hearing.

So, I’m left wondering, if I’m different from most, why am I feeling bothered about my client? I mean,, shouldn’t the evidence just speak for itself and the result of the hearing just happen?

I guess that in my desire to discover me, I am discovering things about me that I don’t like. It’s kinda like being in an isolation chamber where no one can hear or see you and telling the one thing you’ll never, ever tell anyone else. I often wonder that if one goes that deep in exploring themselves,, if they then discover the true character of themself.

I suppose that in an isolation booth, where you are completely alone,, even then you may never be completely honest about yourself,, but you are more likely to tell your ultimate truth there.

I suppose that in my quest to find out about me, I really need to spend that time alone in silence, in the isolation booth,, and truthfully answer those questions about me.

You see, I’m different,, I want to know about me and remove all the masks that are there,, I want to find me, even if I’m different from “others” and strangely all alone.

I feel that there are other people who take this journey to discover themselves, before it’s too late, but in doing so, I need to remember that I’m all alone with me,, in silence and no one can hear me. Once I’m alone, I may tell my own truth and really find me.

In the end, I discover that most people don’t want to really discover themselves,, they just want to be praised for who they want everyone to think they are,, not who they really are.

I’m hoping that your lawyer will have the courage to stand alone in silence and hear who he or she really is,, and not some make believe person created out of their own fantasy. I hope that you may meet a real person in your life’s journey and when you do,, I hope you are able to recognize him or her. Have a wonderful day and remember it’s really okay to be different as long as it really is you.

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