I Spent Most Of My Energy Hiding Myself From Me

Yesterday, I am meeting with my good friends Stacie and Sean and Stacie says the most amazing thing,,, “most people spend all of their energy hiding from themselves”. I never understand the words until I really feel them and begin to assimilate what they mean to me.

I have an incredible defense mechanism that prevents me from ever revealing myself to others,, and I suspect that this defense mechanism is in all persons. I believe some would call it the “ego”, while others might label it pride. Whatever it is,, people spend an incredible amount of energy and time protecting and projecting that image and hardly ever let the true person shine through.

I often wonder why people have difficulty in accepting the things I feel and I begin to realize it makes them uncomfortable what I do. I examine me,, split me open and reveal me to all. Most people, I sense, are utterly afraid to do that very act which will incredibly free them forever.

I see others clinging to a Ferrari, or a trophy of some sort, when in fact they are never happy,, just superficial. It’s pathetic,, those that must project false feelings to make people believe they are better than, or greater than, or happier than.

I wonder what happens in a trauma,, if in fact it isn’t the shattering of the false self and the brief glimpse into the real self, that causes such a horrible reaction in those who live their lives and spend most of their energy hiding themselves from others.

I really don’t know much, but I feel that a person who wastes his or her life on his or her false self is in fact doomed to a prison of false security and when a tragedy occurs,, the false security falls apart and the real reveals itself.

What a horrific experience that must be,, seeing the world you’ve created fall completely apart and the nothingness reveals itself for the first time. What’s left?

Wouldn’t it be great if those whose world falls apart suddenly have the greatest gift of reality and truth and didn’t have to waste all their energy creating nothing but now live in the moment?

I wonder folks,, is your “lawyer” living in the moment and dealing with life, or is he or she spending most of their energy hiding themselves from everyone? Have a nice day and remember to hug yourself,, you really are special and you deserve it.


One Response to “I Spent Most Of My Energy Hiding Myself From Me”

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    […] the one percent likes to pretend that the 99% doesn’t exist. Like Paul Smith says, “I Spent Most of My Energy Hiding Myself From Me“. (Paul’s talking in terms of his “real self” and “false self”; […]

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