Man, It’s Saturday

It’s Saturday and I’m enjoying the company of my friends in Dallas. I went there yesterday and I here for a few days just enjoying life. It’s amazingly simple for me as I have an air mattress and there is a laundry facility nearby, so I can wash what little clothes I have.

I am staying here and enjoying the nurturing of friends who non- judgmental and safe,, not just using me,, but really care about me. I am amazed at how many people have offered to help me in my current journey. I am really touched by their kindness and love. It’s something I haven’t experienced in many,, many years from my soon to be ex and I really,, really enjoy and treasure it.

Sometimes when a person is deeply hurt,, anger can flow easily,, followed by resentment,, but that’s not the case with me now,, it’s a feeling of pity,, and I’m wondering if in spite of all the pity,, can I ever feel love for the soon to be ex again? I guess I’m showing tremendous personal growth. I don’t feel that would have been my feelings a year or more ago.

I remember a time when it was good,, many, many, many years ago until the soul dried up and died. I suppose that in the end,, I am concerned that the decisions made by the soon to be ex will haunt her,, but that’s okay.

Anyway,, I finally got the other “lawyer” to understand that it would be just fine to return my phone call timely and to speak about resolution not conflict,,, I guess he reads my posts after all.

So when people won’t communicate with you, it’s because they are not listening,, and also because you’re not listening to what is really being said. I mean,, if you have an agenda,, who will listen? If you really,, really hear what is being said,, there is no need for an agenda,, just being and communicating in the present.

So, I guess in Dallas, I’m enjoying the day,, even without money as my friends take me places and let me hang out with them. Next, I go to Austin, New York, Houston and beyond,, all because friends are there to help me in my journey. Man, ain’t life wonderful without the chains of bondage holding you back?

Have a nice day and remember to listen,, not preach an agenda,,, like most “lawyers” do,, you’ll be a better person and a better “lawyer”.


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