Living Out Of My Car

I’m pretty much homeless right now,, except I live out of my car and have just a few clothes and 1 pair of shoes that I managed to get out of the house before the soon to be ex told me not to come back. It’s a damn shame because I have files there,, but I don’t want to go near there with the current cast of characters living there.

I was told by the soon to be ex to call her “lawyer” when I was coming by last Monday to pick up the rest of my clothes and files. So I call him,, and guess what, no return phone call for a few days. Maybe he should read some of my earlier posts dealing  with returning those phone calls.

I suppose that is the way “lawyers” deal with their opponents,, by being too important to talk to them or they try and intimidate them. I say,,, why not just call them back and talk? So anyway, a few days later, this “lawyer” calls me back and I’m eating, so I tell him I’m eating and I’ll call him back. He says we need to talk.

I call him back the next morning and he of course doesn’t return my phone call until night. I call him, after having been on the road all day and we begin to talk.

I get the impression that the “lawyer” is interested in a large fee, because not once did he ask me how I’m doing or if I’m okay,, he tells me that he needs to get another “lawyer” who is working on the case on the phone with him to hear the conversation. It’s as though he’s only interested in getting money for his fee.

I often wonder if he is doing his client a service or just “churning” the file to create billable hours to make a very large and ridiculous fee. I suspect that a “lawyer” who is churning the file, is interested in getting his whole office involved in the case,, just to make money and this “lawyer” appears to be doing that in my opinion.

I mean, why not ask if you’re okay,, then ask if I need something out of the house,, then ask if we could resolve this quickly. It would save money and probably get the job done quickly. Don’t churn the file just to impress the client. The client will not be impressed with a very, very, very large bill and less estate,, the client will be happier if it’s over, the parties can still communicate and there’s something left for them, other than what the “lawyer” took as his gianormus fee.

No, not in this case,, the entire conversation centered around his getting money instead of solving the case. Why not ask, what do you want and begin resolution,, not conflict?

I wonder if your “lawyer” is churning the file, or if he or she is working toward resolution of the case and not building his or her own retirement fund. I’m just saying think about it,, sometimes a hard stance is not necessary nor appropriate. In the end, do you care if your “lawyer” is a SOB to the other side if you get nothing out of it and could have gotten a hell of a lot more had your “lawyer” just tried to communicate instead of try to intimidate? Maybe it’s time for some “lawyer” love.

Have a nice day,,, remember to hug your therapist and lawyers don’t churn your files.


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