This Stuff’s Fun

I really enjoy my play,, no, I mean my job, no,, I mean my work. Anyway, here’s what I really mean. I’m enjoying representing those folks who can’t stand alone,, those that need help in order to get justice.

Now I suppose that you might think that I’m crazy helping those who are outcast by society,, but I’m not. I remember when I was a child and got injured,, I required medical care. Those nurses and doctors enjoyed helping me recover.

So why not allow myself the pleasure of helping those who need help? I mean, what better way to live life than to enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy?

I wonder if most of society is against you and what you do,, is your work necessary? All I know is you’ll have to ask my clients who need my help and whom I help whether or not my work is necessary. Sometimes, I’m the only thing that stands between them and life in prison.

So, I’m wondering,, does your “lawyer” enjoy  his or her work? Does your “lawyer” take an active interest in your case or does he or she just look at you like you are this month’s rent payment?

All I’m saying is it helps to enjoy both your work and your clients. Have a nice day and remember to enjoy your work. Oh,, by the way, my ticket got dismissed yesterday.


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