Well, It’s Time For Court And My Ticket

I don’t know why there is that saying that says “he who has himself as a client is a fool”. I’ll soon put that theory to test, as I am going to a court in Houston today to defend myself against the allegations that I was exceeding the speed limit. I suppose that the constitution is at stake and it is important that I defend those that have no voice,,, (me), in the quest for justice.

Remember to always fight for justice and even when the odds are impossible, it is time to stand up and be counted. I suppose that if the officer is present,, I’ll just reset this case for a later date and maybe hire someone to represent me.

Anyway, it will be a valuable lesson today, standing in line for hours waiting for justice. I can’t wait to see the DA’s face when I show up to defend myself. Maybe the young DA will pass out from laughter, but the Judge surely will remember me, I hope.

So there you have it,, a scientific living laboratory involving a real client and a real case,, just waiting for new experiments in trial. I’ll let you know if I walk, fight or reset.


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