What In The Hell Is Going On Here?

I don’t know what to say, but the number of hits and reads on this blog has literally exploded the last 2 days. I can’t understand it at all, so I’m not going to try.  I write the truth and people are actually reading it,, not some political message or agenda,, but just about life and its struggles in the moment.

I wonder if the divorce postings are the reason, or if people just gravitate to this life experience in real time. I can tell you this that the intense feelings I may have are real and are happening to me in the present.

I’m wondering if people are fed up with agendas, with political messages and just want to learn how to live life in the moment. I try so very hard to remain out of the past, or not get bogged down by the future,, I try to live in the present only.

Yesterday, I went to 2 movies. I have a tremendous amount of free time now and I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, all the free time allows me to be in the moment,, just sitting in the present. I see so many things now that I never saw before,, I see things as emotions in time,, stories waiting to be told,, people wanting to be free,, but can’t or won’t.

I have abandoned my past and quit trying to control my future,, so the only thing left is the present. It’s amazing,, just being. I am really excited as I journey forward into today, one moment at a time. I see new adventures and literally control my own destiny. I feel free,, free,, free at last.

I suppose that at some point regrets of the past may invade my being,, but do they have to? Isn’t that the normal reaction of a divorce? Regret,, anger,, hurt,, resentment,, and all those other feelings? I’m wondering what happens if I replace them all with love,, plain and simple. Skip the crap,, just go to love.

I often wonder what people may think,,, why aren’t you feeling a certain way that I’d be feeling is this happened to me? I don’t let it bother me,, I feel the way I feel,, not how someone else feels.

You know, in today’s society, it seems that unless you have a whole bunch of crap, (stuff),, no one will even look at you,, but those generally are the people with the most problems and never are in the moment, just living. I have something a hell of a lot of other people don’t have,, it’s called baggage and I’m happy about that.

I just wonder if others out there are in the moment and not carrying baggage? I wonder if others wouldn’t really change the baggage for freedom?  Have a nice day and do something special just for yourself today,, you really deserve it,, I mean really.


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