Most “lawyers” I know have a certain number of hours of continuing legal education course requirements and most “lawyers” I know have met their requirements for the year. I have not only met my requirements for this year, but also next year.

I suspect that most “lawyers” will go to boring seminars on very dry subjects about law and some will go to seminars that actually get you, the lawyer, involved in trial skills of some sort or another. So, I’m wondering if the seminars I go to will be qualified as CLE seminars.

I wonder this because several of these seminars probably have very little to do with law and a whole lot to do with other things like sensory perception. Sensory perception is real important in trial, while “dead” case law may not be. I’ve often said a monkey can look up case law,, but it takes a true artist to try cases.

It seems to me that anything that heightens my senses in trial should be important. No guys and gals,, drug and alcohol use do not increase your sensory perception, they actually decrease it. (So much for the mushroom theory of trying cases).

Anyway, I’m just wondering what would happen if I submitted a request to approve courses like ballroom dance, poetry, or painting? Would those in “power” at the Bar insist that these course do not help me in trying cases? How the hell do they know? I mean,, are they trying cases? Perhaps, we could take their “best” lawyer and give us a set of facts then their team could go up against little ole me. Only one thing though,, a real jury, not some academic “lawyers” would consider the case.

I’m wondering in the end,,, who will be left standing?If they win,, I take some of those boring regular courses,, and when I win,, I get to take my courses and get credit for them. I doubt this will ever happen,, but who knows? Anyway, I just hope your lawyer uses more of his or her brain for things other than just regurgitating old dead law. I hope that your lawyer is alive with creativity and can appreciate things in life other than just law. Have a nice day and remember to do something nice just for you today,, you really deserve it.


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