And So It Is, Corporations Will Soon Buy Elections

I often wonder what would happen to America if one party or the other gets complete control of the entire government. I am certain it would be a disaster. It seems to me that today, everyone is guided by special interest groups that essentially distort the true feelings of America.

I doubt that anyone can really say that the poor shouldn’t get health care,, oh sure,, they might say not the “illegal immigrants”,, but not the poor. I suppose that if a baby were starving on their porch steps,, those “people” who believe that, will call the police and demand that the starving baby be locked up for trespassing or loitering.

But I suppose that most people would have compassion and feed the child,, or at least I hope they would. Anyway,, it just seems to me that a certain loud-mouthed group of people want to tell me  exactly how to think,, how to act and how to feel. This maxim holds true for both parties.

If you then couple those voices with money,, you have a special interest group. (I myself,, would like to see a special interest nudist group properly funded and able to run ads on Fox News channel). But anyway,, special interests are shaping the opinions of Americans to the point I really don’t see many original opinions anymore.

I am just concerned that Americans have lost their ability to think for themselves. God forbid if I must watch one of several loud-mouth idiots spewing garbage and hate, just to know how to think. It’s pathetic.

I suggest that we out law all campaign contributions, except individuals in the amount of $100.00 or less. You know, shortly the US Supreme Court will probably allow corporations to contribute to campaigns,, then it’s only a matter of time before someone else sues to remove the cap on contributions that anyone or anything (corporations) can give to a campaign.

Imagine if you will the hotly contested local race for dog catcher,, one side has all the neighbors in favor of one candidate and the other side can run unlimited commercials on Fox News and begins attacking the fact that the best candidate didn’t finish college or that he’s divorced, (no family values) or that he has voted in different primaries, or whatever just to slander this poor fella who only wants to catch stray dogs.

Pathetic is the one word that comes to my mind. Next, it’ll be laws that allow corporations to deposit nuclear waste in your back yard. Will it ever stop? As long as money is involved in politics,, it never will. I just hope your lawyer is smart enough to understand that in order to get justice,, he or she will have to form an emotional bridge with the jurors,, enough to overcome special interests. Have a nice day and remember to do something nice just for you today,, you really deserve it.


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