So, Another Surgery

This one hurts the most,, it’s a deep cut in an awkward location on me. No, don’t go there,,, it’s actually on the chest, kinda under the arm. Now everytime I move my arm,, it feels like the stitches are gonna come undone and it’ll start bleeding again.

I don’t like surgery,, but I really don’t like the ones that take a long time to heal. I really can’t lift things with the arm,, nor can I really move it fast,, it’s kinda like being in a sling,, only I’m not. I have the cut on my back that is, according to sawbones healing nicely,, but I ain’t looking at it,, so I don’t know.

I’m hoping that this surgery stuff is over with. I guess that in the end,, it is better to get cut than the consequences of not getting cut. I often imagine what might happen in the 1800’s when a fella went in to get cut. Sawbones would usually give you ether and morphine and then cut away.

There ain’t no fancy machine making noises,, just a tent with cot and maybe someone to hold you down. I guess you get a leather strap to bite on and maybe some whiskey. You begin to smell the searing of flesh as sawbones finishes his masterpiece.

Man, I’m glad surgery comes a long way since then. I suppose back then, payment might have been a chicken or goat,, today it’s a Mercedes. Having gone through this “experience”, I can tell you,, it ain’t fun to have surgery. I feel real crappy today,, kinda groggy and just plain funky.

So,,, now what? Well, if you do any medical malpractice,, imagine how your client might feel after surgery and then imagine how horrible he or she might feel when they find out sawbones made a horrible mistake and your client is screwed for the rest of his or her life.

I hope your attorney can understand what it “feels” like to have surgery and I hope he or she knows how to relate that “feeling” to the jury. Hope you all have a nice day and remember to do something nice just for yourself,, you deserve it. I really, really mean it.


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