It’s Time To Fight

You know, a guy can stand only so much,, then he blows up. It’s not so much as I can’t see the divorce finishing,, it’s actually just beginning in court,, but I’m fucking tired.

I’ve had it with the bullshit and nonsense. If you fucking have money to go to the fucking bars,, you’ve  got money to help pay the bills,, plain and fucking simple.

I don’t understand her new best live-in boyfriend,, but I guess it’s just fucking time to fight. I’m a little scared though,, I mean,, how will this play out,, me,, looking like a fool living in the same house as the “other” and her new boyfriend. I’m wondering if the jury or judge won’t question why I didn’t get out sooner.

Anyway,, fuck this,, it’s time to fight.


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