Follow Your Instincts

It’s amazing,,, but all great things that are created are created by instinct,, not intellectually. I mean,, things which are humanistic in our life,, like love,, like joy,, sorrow and other emotions.

I never have found that great things come to pass by thinking about them,,, they happen because of instincts and being in the moment. Once our head and its thinking mechanism take over,,,, we’re screwed. Can you feel love,, or do you think about it? I say if you are not in the “moment” you are not able to feel,, you intellectualize things and you lose the spontaneity.

Losing the “moment” is the beginning of your doom. Once you think,, you take yourself out of the present and either go into the past or you are predicting the future. You can’t have instincts in the past or in the future. They must be in the present,  or they will not exist at all.

Animals survive by instincts,, not thinking. If you are pinched,, do you think,, this will hurt,, I will feel a stimulus and I will utter a verbal response,, something like “hey, that didn’t feel nice and I had to think about this response before I utter it aloud to you”,, or do you just respond and say “ouch”?

Instinct is spontaneity,,, not thinking,,, and it requires being in the moment,, not analyzing the situation. Anyway,, I hope your lawyer can be present in the moment and not think about it during trial,, or his or her instincts won’t show through.


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