I Love My Dog More Than I Love My Other

I wonder what will happen when I post this article. It’s for the best,, because it’s the truth. I get more emotional support and love from my dog, Baby,, than I do from my other,,, and that ain’t good. So I’m wondering if I’m getting better and maybe understanding this is a precursor to going,,, or if I’m just frustrated and saying how I feel.

I have felt more compassion from a reptile,, than I get from the other. I wonder why? In the recent trial,, it really hurt,, all my time and energy and effort wasn’t worth a fuck in the other’s eye,,, my client’s going down,,, you’ll never win,, she’s guilty as hell. I’m wondering if it’s resentment I feel or just an overwhelming sickness that is destined to destroy the remaining feelings I have left. To devastate them until they are forever frozen in the tundra,, never to thaw again,, never to surface again.

I don’t fucking like this,, but truth has a way of revealing itself and sometimes it does it in strange ways. Sometimes,, truth as we know it is painful,, sometimes it’s liberating,, sometimes it’s non consequential,, but truth is universal and it exists whether or not we recognize it.

I’m wondering if guilt is next?


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