Well, It’s Time For Rest

I’ve been really exhausted lately,, I’ve had the surgery,,round 1,,,, and trial,, so I’m real tired. It’s not funny,, but the truth is,,, I don’t sleep much,, if at all,, during trials.

I guess my mind gets working and  forget to shut it down and I end up staying up for days it seems like,, without drugs or alcohol. It’s kinda a natural high,,, but I really need to work on sleep and not being in my head so much.

Anyway,, I guess that after today,, I’ll get some rest,, at least temporarily,, until something else comes up that causes me not to sleep. So I guess I write this post about to pass out from not sleeping and knowing I have to perform today,,, I’m really tired.

I’m just wondering,, what others may do during trial to get to sleep,,, by the way,, ambien,, and all that crap is out,,, so is drinking,, drugs or anything unhealthy. Will you all let me know what you do?


One Response to “Well, It’s Time For Rest”

  1. patricia Says:

    Paul, A comfortable bed: we all have Temporpedics which is the most comfortable, and the type allowing for control of head and foot positioning. It is expensive, but well worth the investment. Finding the most comfortable position – back or side. If on your side, a pillow between your knees to take strain off your back/hip area. A deep breath with a fast exhale, three to four times. Relax “into” the bed, thinking about each part of your body – I find my shoulders usually tense when I have lots on my mind. If I think about my shoulders, then I am able to “let them go” usually amazed at how tight I have been holding them. You might also try white sound, there are machines that go next to your bedside, emitting a variety of sounds that you can select. Alicia uses one now with her hyperacusis which helps a little in relaxing her to sleep.

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