And So Is Racism Rampant?

I’m wondering if racism is rampant in America? I wonder if minorities really have a chance in this country of opportunity? I wonder if caucasians won’t be the next minority and how will they feel?

It bothers me when people label one another as different because of skin color, religious beliefs or political party. It bothers me because sometime, somewhere, people will exclude rather than include. I mean,, people will say words like,,, “you can’t belong to my group because you’re ____________”. Oh sure,, they’ll never actually say that,, but the effect is the same. Hell you might as well say it.

I suppose that the basis of good conversation is telling the truth. Why not just say,, “you can’t belong because of your color,,, or religion”? At least that’s truthful. Don’t give me some idiotic reason you can’t belong,,, like,, your membership application was rejected because of your background.

I don’t get it,,, racism is here,,, present in this country. Be honest about it. You may not agree with people who say they hate the “others”,, but by golly,, at least they don’t hide it.

So in the end,,, even in the year 2009,,, racism is present. I hope if you’re a person of color,, or a non mainstream religion,, that your attorney will at least examine this issue with the jury,,,, your life may depend on it.


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