Off To Trial

I go back into the arena today,,, back in my little town,,, back where black is bad and white is good,, (literally),, and I take with me the training,, preparation and love I have been given to win.

I do not know what will happen,, what will transpire,, but I do know this,,, in the arena it’s a life and death situation. It probably doesn’t matter to some of the government’s witnesses,,, but it does matter to me and of course my client.

I can only get into the arena because my client wants to go there,,, not because I do,,, I can only go if my client desires to fight. I can only hope that I am prepared to fight.

In the end,,, my client will be the one who takes the risk,,, the one who is the hero. The one who does not cower down to the government. My client is the hero. I hope one day if you ever have to go into the arena,,, that your lawyer will understand the battle isn’t for his or her ego,,, it’s for your life.


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