Lights, Camera, Action

How many times have we heard those words,,, lights,,, camera,,, action? It seems that in every trial I get involved in those words keep coming up over and over again.

I like to think of trial as a moment in time of a client’s very important story. The audience is of course the jury,,, and the various players are the ones who interact with the main character of the story,,, (the client).

I find that the movie mongols advice to a young director very helpful,,,, we introduce the main character,,,, run him up a tree and then spend the rest of the movie trying to figure out how to get him down.

Although over simplified,, it remains a truism today. I don’t see the trial exactly like that,,, but pretty damn close to it. Anyway,, in order to be a very successful trial attorney,,, you got to completely know the client’s story,,, then be able to put it into action. While in  action,,, you’ve got to be able to tell the story of the client.

Sounds simple,, right? Well,, go ahead and try it. I hope your attorney is a great director, story teller and not just hitting the jury with an agenda. Have a nice day,, and remember,,,, what you do today,, may become a trial attorney’s greatest work.


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