Wow,, Labor Day Work

Most people I know are relaxing on this Labor Day weekend. I’m not,,, I’m getting ready for trial. It seems that on the timing of things,, I’m completely off. I mean,, when most people have to work,, I play. When most people get to relax,, I’ve got to prepare for trial.

I’m not too bright,, but that tells me I’m different. That may be good or that may be bad,, but none the less,,, I’m different. It also seems that my values are probably different than most people’s values.

I wonder if your “lawyer” will work on a day that is traditionally for vacations,, or if he or she will neglect the client and just goof off? I wonder if that same “lawyer” will have an excuse afterwards or if he or she will accept responsibility for not working on your case? Have a nice day and I hope you enjoy it doing whatever you want to do.


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