Gonna Be An Outlaw Today

There’s a song written by one of my TLC brothers called “Outlaw”. It’s an original piece and it is very well written and when you hear it,, you’re immediately drawn to the artist. It becomes an expression of his essence.

Anyway,, I don’t know why I like this song,, perhaps it is because it is written and performed by someone I actually know,,, but I suspect it’s more than that. I suspect that the lyrics lure me into a dream like state,, and the fantasy of that life is incredible.

I wonder if others often daydream like I do,, or if I’m alone? It seems that as much work as I do on myself,, that sometimes I wonder where it will all end? I wonder if perhaps in another life,, I was Jessie James or Clyde Barrow.

I wonder if that’s why I choose criminal defense,,, because of a previous life I lived. Perhaps one day I’m gonna be an outlaw,,, perhaps one day,, I’ll be the sheriff,, but just for today,, I’ll be me,, whatever the fuck that is.


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