Well, Surgery’s Today

I guess that I’m old enough to be able to handle this cutting. I suppose that in the end,, it won’t matter what or how much they cut,,,as long as they get all the crap cut out that is bad.

I guess that going to sawbones today will make me live longer,, or at least be healthier,, but who knows? Maybe, just maybe,, I’ll end up in better shape than before. I sure as hell hope so.

Anyway,, I can’t dwell on this crap forever,, so maybe something else will sound better. Maybe,, the new skills I’ve learned will be put to use shortly. Maybe,, just maybe,, the clients will decide to go to trial on some “un-winnable” case,, and guess what,, we somehow win it.

I am convinced that learning new things,,, far more advanced than anything I’ve ever seen before,, will give us an edge that will lead to victory. Does your lawyer know the path to victory,,, and is he or she willing to sacrifice to get there?


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