Can’t Get Back To Work

I’m feeling very troubled. I know I’m supposed to be working,, but I just can’t seem able to. I have my surgery tomorrow and maybe that’s on my mind. I grow up thinking I’m invincible and little patches of abnormal skin cause a hell of a lot of grief.

I often wonder what happens to the cancer we have in us. Does it flourish or can it die? I suppose that in my life the terrible things I have done are coming back to haunt me,, but maybe not. Maybe,, it’s just one of those things that is meant to happen.

Anyway,,, I’m back in Texas and I really had a great time working with members of my tribe. I often wonder if the tribe accepts me for who I am,,, or if sometimes I’m all alone with my thoughts. I wonder if you have ever felt alone,,,, really alone?

I remember the first week I did work on me that I am still processing,, but the second week was incredible. There were different people there,, different energy and different goals to be accomplished. The second week is advanced trial skills.

I guess that it is time to quit screwing around and go back into the arena. I mean,, all these new things I learn and I’ll just have to use them.

Perhaps in life there are times when one must experience feelings suppressed deep in the psyche,,, and then other times,, one experiences great joy. I often wonder if attorneys are even capable of feeling this?  Can your attorney relate to the feelings you or other witnesses feel when going through these life experiences,,, and then be able to communicate them to the jury?


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