It’s Dallas All Over Again

It’s Dallas again. I’m here staying at my friend Sean’s place after almost 2 1/2 weeks of refresher courses at the Trial Lawyers College. I feel glad to be in Texas again, but I know it is time to start working.

I got my first night’s good sleep after so many nights of not sleeping. I guess I don’t sleep in strange places because I somehow feel that they are unsafe. when I return to familiar territory,, I usually get a whole bunch of sleep.

I’ll get on my horse, (Chrysler Crossfire) and make the long journey to the old homestead. I hope my dog remembers me. I’ll get there and begin preparing for another battle as it is time to get back into the ring.

I can not wait to apply what I’ve learned,,, it’s amazing…. Tomorrow is surgery and I will see what awaits me. Until the next adventure,,, tomorrow,, have a nice safe day and remember to do something nice just for yourself,,,, you deserve it.


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