I’m Preparing For Battle

It’s that time of year again when I prepare for battle. It seems that for the longest time,, my cases were getting dismissed or my clients wanted to plea to the offers the government made after reducing the original charges to something less.

But I now have to get ready for one battle that will not go away. I have to get ready for a case that will begin shortly. I must face my own fears and they are overwhelming.

I stand in front of my mirror working on my self preparing to don my warrior’s garb and notice that in the mirror staring back at me is a scared little boy.

I am afraid that I will lose,, that I will forget something,,, that I will not be as prepared as I should be. I am afraid that the battle will be lost because of me and my inadequacies. I fear that I will not be able to rise to the challenge and defeat the government again.

I must prepare more and more and more. I write and rewrite the questions until I see them in my sleep and then I awake profusely sweating,,, thinking I have missed something and am not able to be present and listening properly.

I have these fears and they never go away.. Maybe you face yourself in your mirror and see ___________,, I face my mirror and see work.


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