Fast Times At The Ranch

I take this title from a movie I seem to remember I saw, involving some kids and their take on the trouble they get into with the establishment and the coming of age for some of the kids.

Isn’t that what life is all about,,, just coming of age? I mean,, don’t we all get into a bit of a bind growing up and then,, bingo,,, we wake up and all of a sudden,,,, we’re old?

How is it that we begin our lives with idealistic and preciously noble thoughts of helping others and end our lives measuring our worth by the size of our bank accounts?

How is it that we are a nation that becomes so concerned with military might,, spending billions and billions and making those “select” few wealthy beyond their wildest dreams that we neglect those who raised us and those who will carry our torch for the next generation to come?

I don’t get it at all,, but here’s what I do understand,,, when we are born,, we are perfect. Then some one shapes us into what they want us to become,,, not who we are. Along the way,,, we are taught prejudice, hatred and exclusion,, instead of inclusion.

What lessons are we teaching our children? Is it any wonder that you can not get justice,,, when so many have been shaped to support the corporate overlord?

One Response to “Fast Times At The Ranch”

  1. patricia Says:

    More and more, a broken society is raising our children as both husband and wife are going to work.

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