And So It Begins

It never fails to happen this time of year. I have several bills coming due and I’m off on another journey to study and become a better person and lawyer. It is extremely tough this year as the bills just keep adding up and up and up.

I have to repair the bulldozer and the parts are incredibly expensive. I am surprised to find this out,, but I have no choice,,, it must be done. The other bills are coming due and its only a matter of time until I might have to get a real job,, (ha, ha, ha,,, yea right).

So I git to wondering,, what do people do to make it in today’s economy? I mean if you only have a certain income and yet you spend more on essentials,, food, health care, medicine,, etc., how do you do it?

If there were kids involved in the equation,,, I’d be screwed. I have a friend who is self-employed like me,,, and he has kids. Those kids of his are costing him a fortune. I never have seen anyone work so many hours and never have any money.

If I were going to work the hours he does,,, I’m gonna get paid a whole bunch or I ain’t gonna work. Anyway,, I’m just concerned for people. They work and work and work for the corporate overlord and have no insurance,, no retirement and no life.

Does your work require you to become a certain ____________,, or are you free? Do you have adequate insurance or are you uninsured? Is it right? We spend billions to kill and not a damn penny to provide health care for our citizens,,, why?

Have a nice day and hopefully your work is rewarding.

One Response to “And So It Begins”

  1. lioness Says:

    I worked hard for 23 years and saved every penny. If I did buy new, I kept it ’til it fell apart. After retiring earlier than most people think is fair, I now pay my own insurance and all expenses out of pocket from my savings. I don’t believe everyone deserves free health care or that I should subsidize their insurance or any part of the life they chose. Maybe they ought to cancel their cable/satellite tv or stop buying their children’s love and they could consider saving for their retirement!

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