Extreme Absurdity

So how about those that are in favor of killing child molesters? Do we apply those ideals to every case? How long is the statute of limitations? There should never be a statute of limitations,, right? Do we necessarily kill all those accused of child molesting?

At what age is the child considered to be young enough to be a victim of child molesting? 18?,, 17??,, 16??

If the victim is 17 do we kill the one who had sex with him or her? How about we kill all those who even think about sex with anyone under the age of 18,, plain and simple. We do not give them a trial and then we just fucking kill them.

We make sure that we castrate all those who even think about this crime,,, we allow them to be raped over and over and over again,,, until they bleed from parts of their body that are intended to be of use for other bodily functions. We cut off all the genitalia and we publicly ridicule them,,, prevent them from ever getting out of the death chamber and making sure they are abused as prisoners. An eye for an eye,,, so to speak. How dare they rob the innocent children of their childhood?

We kill all the child molesters regardless of the circumstances,,, just plain fucking kill them. We kill them dead. We report all child molesters,, regardless of how long ago the crime happened. And if we don’t report child molestation,,, we kill the ones that fucking didn’t tell the authorities about it.

By the way, I think you should know,, your son called me the other day,,, he’s 17 and he had sex with his 16 year old girlfriend and now he’s worried about the consequences.

Can you leave room for the possibility that ____________?

One Response to “Extreme Absurdity”

  1. Jan Logsdon Says:

    Excellent post and re-post

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