I Am Making Over Me (Again)

Every year or so,, I’d recommend that you go in for a physical examination. Go to the doctor and have him or her just check you over for anything that might be a problem.

I went in this month and had 3 moles removed and found that I have some of those awful age spots. I thought that they may be cancer and I immediately ran to the doctor just to have them checked,,, they weren’t.

Anyway,,, back to the storyline,,, I’m at a makeover,,, again. I have been neglecting me for so many years that it is time to get gut level honest with myself and see me in the mirror. I don’t want to see someone that I think I am,,, I want to see the real me.

In order to do that,, I have to work on me,, on my mind,,, on my thoughts and on my actions. I need to go to psycho camp,,, and that’s where I am. I call this psycho camp,,, because we take an intense look at ourselves and then work on the horse,,, not the saddle.

If I want to be a better trial lawyer,,, I need to be a better person. If I want to be a better person,,, I have to dig deep into me,,, into who I am and then see the real me. If I like what I see,,, or if I don’t,,,, I have the power to change that.

Some might say,, well, reading a book is enough,,, others might say,,, counsel with a therapist is enough,,, I say,,, if I want to overhaul me,,, I’m gonna do it right. I’m gonna crawl inside of me and into my inner most secrets,,, and then get them out. I’m gonna work on just being present in the moment,,,, without listening to “fair and balanced” crap.

Have a nice day,,, and I hope you get to meet the real you in your journey,,, you’ll be a much better lawyer than ever before,,, but more importantly,, a much better person.


One Response to “I Am Making Over Me (Again)”

  1. martin seinfeld Says:

    thank G-d it’s not cancer. see i read your blogl love

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