Wow,,, Self Awareness Is Awesome

It’s always an interesting journey,, running on empty. I guess I don’t have enough “common corporate sense” to get out of the fucking rain,,, I prefer to feel the cool rain drops touch my skin and breathe the clean soft air,, filling me full of life,,, and a new awareness.

I guess that in my life there are those who will say,,, “You should have worked for the corporate overlord,,, you should have more structure in your work”,, or whatever they are going to say. I understand and accept those that say these words to me. I will not judge them for being who they are,,, I will accept them for who they are.

I am amazed that there are so fucking many people out there who “instruct” others on the proper way to live. I mean,,, how to dress, how to write a resume,, how to go to a meeting in a foreign country and be proper. I never know what the lists entail,,, but it amazes me that people pay others just to learn how to do nothing more than say hello in a foreign land.

I often wonder what animals think. I see them meeting new animals and sniffing parts of their bodies I wouldn’t recommend you smell,,, but why is it that these animals never hire ‘others” to get to know new animals?

Wouldn’t it be great if we were all aware of ourselves enough that we would recognize “others” and respect their needs? Isn’t that what self awareness really is? Isn’t it setting boundaries and then respecting others boundaries,, along with your own?

I hope as you journey through this land that you actually have enough self awareness to stay in the rain and for once not go inside. It’s amazing what you will actually feel with your senses,,, if you let them work for you. Have a nice day and remember to feel the rain once in awhile.


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